Amanda A. Ngabirano speaking at African Ministerial Meeting, UN-Gigiri, Nairobi in 2014

My Quest for spatial order, all-inclusive mobility & social justice in Uganda

My Name is Amanda Aziidah Ngabirano, a Ugandan married mother of two. I am a professional and passionate urban planner. I must state that I am crazy about spatial order, urban mobility and social justice. My passion for orderly development has brought me closer to my environment, my fears about the future of urban areas magnified and quest for spatial order obvious. I cannot hide anything anymore, in this regard. I have continued to share this with Africa as well as the rest of the world as much as I can. .

My Vision

With all the exposure I have got so far, I have found it selfish not to share my dream and vision with my world. My vision is to make a positive, tangible contribution towards fair, coordinated and sustainable urban development through design, partnerships, advocacy and stakeholder engagement.

We have it all, but lack of order kills it

Whenever I ponder what most Africans admire about the western world, I think of nothing but spatial order. Without it, everything can be everywhere, and run inefficiently until when the city or town gets choked with several challenges; ranging from road accidents, air and noise pollution, poor sanitation, indecent housing, high crime rates and a state of lawlessness, among many others. We have no short cut but to prioritize urban development and order lest we incur more costs to correct the mess in future.

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